One day the horse diiick was walking on the street. It was naked and frozen. When TLa.c.zala saw the horse diiick he said: OMG, how much personal satisfaction this horse diiick can give me and he took it and wrapped it in his MBA diploma to keep it warm and then he put it behind at his pants!

When people saw it they tought he sh!!t in his pants and they started to laugh. But then he started to explain that he didn't sh!!t in his pants and it's a frozen horse diiick wrapped in his MBA diploma for his personal satisfaction and people started to laugh harder and harder!

When he got home he complained to his mother that people started to laugh about him that he saved a frozen horse diiick for his personal satisfaction, and he wrapped it with his MBA diploma and his mother told him: You !d!ot! I've told you with that diploma you apply at I.B M and put the horse diiick in the lives of employees not to wrap the horse diiick with your MBA diploma for your personal satisfaction! You are a stupid psych0p@t!

Now what you gonna do? You have trails of horse diiick on your MBA diploma and it smells like horse diiick also nobody will hire you anymore? And Tl.a.c.zala started to cry like a little pu$$y and the horse diiick also started to cry on Tla.z.a.l.a's face!


Slomiany took her 3 languages diploma soaked in sp33rm and inserted in her vbajgina!


Tl-a-czala's mother woke up from coma in the hospital and asked for a soup with horse sp33rm and coocck smell!


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